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The Team at TABS knows that Due Diligence is an integral process to ensure a potential portfolio company can operate independently led by a competent team, with the appropriate processes, business model, and finances in place. The TABS Score & Valuation assessment significantly strengthens the diligence process by outlining the strengths and weaknesses of a company from a risk management perspective.

Poor or inadequate diligence can result in Investors paying over-the-odds for their stake, taking on unknown risks and liabilities, or being unable to integrate the business seamlessly (where synergy may have been the primary reason for pursuing the deal).

The TABS Score allows investors to receive a detailed diligence report, covering the entire life of the venture from its establishment into the potential future of the entity.

The TABS Assessment is a discovery process, enabling investors to obtain an in-depth understanding of a company, its technology, business model, management team, culture, processes, and ultimately a weighted opinion on whether, at its current stage, is investable.

The diligence report contains the identification of flaws or under-addressed areas that may be potentially fatal to the future of the company. This identification of material inefficiencies early in the process allows both the investor and the entrepreneur(s) to establish mitigation strategies.

The TABS assessment reduces the risk of lost time & capital by investors expecting a certain return result by allowing them to disengage early in the diligence process.

The holistic and in-depth qualitative diligence report for early / seed stage ventures provides critical information to the investor, with a focus on the following 8 core aspects:

Product Diligence, Market Diligence, Financial Diligence, People Diligence, Execution & Strategy Diligence, and Legal Diligence, Cyber Security Diligence, Valuation Diligence

TABS Lite Investor Packs

  • TABS Diligence Assessment (120-Points): Score Only
  • TABS Valuation Estimate Sheet
  • Instant Delivery Post-Assessment (Digital)
TABS Lite 3-Pack


TABS Lite 10-Pack


TABS Lite 25-Pack


Can be used as

  • An initial screening metric for Investors receiving a high volume of Companies
  • Screening tool for Incubators / Accelerator programs to set criteria
  • A tool to double-check your own internal diligence process against anything that may have been missed
  • A way to see where this investment ranks amongst others in the industry

TABS Suite Investor Packs

  • TABS Diligence Assessment (150-Point): Score & Diagnostic Report (30-40 pages)
  • HEXACO-based personality assessment & summary of Founder(s)
  • TABS Valuation Estimate Sheet
  • AI Document verification tool
  • Access to TABS Select (for companies scoring 9.25+)
  • Free reassessment within 30 days to reflect the updated score
  • Founder Success Kits - Proprietary framework, business development docs, & e-books from VCs
TABS Suite 3-Pack


TABS Suite 10-Pack


TABS Suite 25-Pack


Tremendous Value for Both
Founders & Investors

Our goal is to use facts and data versus good pitches and hunches to make better investment decisions. As an investor, I value evidence over opinion. I don’t know about you, but if I can have a company come to me with certain points identified, it’s a no-brainer that I make it a requirement. A couple hundred dollars to make my investment of $50K or $100K (even slightly) less risky is a justified cost to me.

- Mukesh Dave,

Angel Investor

TABS separates the men from the boys as far as operations and bench depth analysis. At the end of the day, TABS allows us to be safe and have a higher batting average, which keeps us coming back for more. Our firm's adoption of the TABS suite has taken the heartburn from the normally lengthy & tedious diligence process.

- Marshall Sterman,

Mayflower Venture Group