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Within minutes of submission, your TABS report is available, allowing you to then hone in on specific areas in 35 seconds. What’s your time worth for a month only to not move forward with the company? It's something you quite literally can't put a price on.
Yes, TABS allows you to weigh each investment and each aspect differently. This allows the score to be truly your own score for the firm. After the company takes a 15-20 minute assessment, it builds out a digital dashboard where you get to see how the company scored based on your metrics and what you're specifically looking for.
We aren’t one of those tools that scrapes a company’s Instagram page and determines them as a "bad investment" because they only have 3 followers. TABS is primarily user generated input, which is why we focus heavily on truthfulness traps. We are able to pick that up from patterns, using emotional intelligence. If a founder is answering a question contradictorily, we are able to reword that question and the TABS assessment will ask them again later on. It's about really making sure the user inputs are as truthful as possible. Then, we take our proprietary data sets to run comparative analytics in the backend.
We've been in their shoes before. As a startup founder, the biggest pet peeve is that we never get any feedback. We spend a month or two in diligence and sometimes all you hear is "Sorry, it's not a great fit for us." Well why? Two things about TABS that we really pride ourselves in, is you to give constructive feedback. It's the first diligence process that truly gives actionable insights. On your end you did the right thing and on their end they get pages of feedback from us telling them how they can improve
You as the investor have the option to request a TABS report if they haven't already done it. OR - reach out and say "hey I'd love to run you through this!" You are able to bill the assessment to that company with a single click of a checkbox.
To show the flexibility of the TABS assessment, some of our customers use it at the very beginning of the process, some use it at the end, some use it as a checking point to compare their own analyst notes to what we've done. If you're investing 250k - 500k, you wouldn't add 100 bucks to that so you don't lose the 500k? It's like insurance at the end of the day.

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