Augment Your Existing
Diligence Process
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Evolving decision trees with multi-tier logic skips

Detailed scoring rubrics with user-enabled adjustments to weighting

Valuation estimator, with TABS Score output integration

Tailored recommendations, comparative analytics & targeted deal discovery

Truthfulness Traps / Anti-Dumping algorithms to ensure accuracy

Integration with Talent Insights Myers-Briggs entrepreneurial profiler

IBMWatson integration (NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Tone Analyzer)

Re-assessment Virtual Accelerator (Co-Founder) customized to focus on individual company weaknesses

Powerful, Data-Driven Assessments That Give You An Unfair Advantage When Evaluating Companies

Flexible Pricing Plans For Firms Of All Sizes

The TABS Lite Assessment is most commonly used as a screening tool for Pre-Seed / Seed stage, often pre-revenue, companies

  • TABS Lite Diligence Assessment(50-Points): Score Only & Section Highlights
  • Instant Delivery Post-Assessment (Digital)
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A comprehensive overview, tailored for companies that are at the apex of your diligence process

  • TABS Diligence Assessment(150-Points): Score & Diagnostic Report (30-40 pages)
  • HEXACO-based personality assessment & summary of Founder(s)
  • TABS Valuation Estimate Sheet
  • AI-Document verification tool
  • Sentiment Analysis Output
  • Access to TABS Select (for companies scoring 9.25+)
  • Free reassassment within 30 days to reflect the updated score
  • Tailored Recommendations & Comparative Analytics Sections
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Often used for doing a deeper dive into a company that has met initial criteria

  • TABS Diligence Assessment(120-Points): Score & Sectional Breakdown
  • TABS Valuation Estimate Sheet
  • Tailored Recommendations & Comparative Analytics Sections
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Flexibility for Firms of All Sizes
Have a Platform? Plug in Our APIs. Don't Have Platform? Use Ours - White-Labeled Yor You.

Select an Assessment

Choose between different types of assessments to conduct topical or detailed diligence on companies through your own portal or ours


Provide founders & their team with actionable insights so they can identify their weaknesses and improve themselves while fundraising


Adjust the weighting of different sections to fit your firm's investment mandate

Get Notified

Get notified when other firms post deals with open seats that fit your criteria


Create, browse, or join proposed Syndicates set up by other TABS Partners


Organize, invite, and collaborate with your team members to review deals

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