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The TABS Suite is the leading DaaS (Diligence-as-a-Service) platform augmenting your existing diligence process in a fraction of the time & cost. TABS provides a comprehensive, holistic, and in-depth qualitative & quantitative evaluation of a venture, regardless of stage (Pre-Seed to a Series D to Private Equity).

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Diligence Software Unlike Any Others

The TABS Suite is increasingly being adopted as a way to take a look under the
hood of a growing venture in a fraction of both the time and cost the process usually takes.

AI-Driven Evaluation Over Core Components

of a company, assigning quantitative metrics to qualitative, non-balance sheet aspects of an early-stage venture built by Investors, for Investors.

PE-level Quantitative Diligence Ratios

put together by leading venture capitalists, angel investors, successful serial entrepreneurs, and other widely regarded industry experts.

Code Review & Analysis for Technology Ventures

by our proprietary scripts. Vet code efficiency, scalability, vulnerabilities, & more in the blink of an eye.

Custom-Built Dynamic Reports in Minutes, on

Product Diligence, Market Diligence, Financial Diligence, People Diligence, Execution & Strategy, Legal Diligence, IT ... to name a few.

Advanced analytics allow for detection of

irregular patterns, frequent changing of answers, and contradictory answers - all which play into the overall score and valuation.

Add-On Modules: ESG, Blockchain, & More

each TABS Score Report is designed with the intention of being a checklist of items the Company can improve on.

Augment Your Existing Due
Diligence Process

The TABS Assessments are holistic and in-depth analytical reports consisting of
~150-evaluation points across the 8 core components of any business.

Simple, Yet Complex

Evolving decision trees with multi-tier logic. View how we rate companies with our detailed scoring rubrics - or adjust the weighting to make the score truly indicative of how you invest.

Proprietary Valuation Estimator

Valuation estimator with TABS Score output integration, engineered by successful serial entrepreneurs and veteran seed investors.

Discover Targeted Deal Flow to Augment Sourcing

Tailored recommendations, comparative analytics & targeted deal discovery within a fully white-labeled silo to mirror enterprise venture ecosystems for institutions of all sizes.

Organized & Effective

Detailed data room & traction highlights allow for an organized, holistic overview via a next-gen system that dynamically creates custom & relevant diligence questions.


Customized Assessments for Every Type of Deal

No two companies are the same and no two assessments are the same, so by choosing from the available modules we offer, TABS allows you to customize each assessment to include the elements that are most important to your investment process, including the ability to add a module with your own unique questions.

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    Drage and Drop Builder
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    Install Additional modules
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    Create Templates
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    Quant Ratios, Blockchain & More.
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Score Companies Based On Your Investment Mandate

Tailor the TABS algorithms with your investment preferences. TABS allows you to customize how the scoring of each section affects the overall TABS Score for the companies you invite, making the Score truly reflective of your existing investment mandates and philosophies.


For later-stage Investor looking at revenue-mature companies, Quantitative analysis outputs likely hold a higher weight than the Qualitative aspects.


People & Team Diligence often are more important and more relevant to early-stage Investors that are looking at younger companies.

Coming Soon to TABS

Audit Code Before You Invest

Technical Due Diligence is often overlooked, since most Investors don’t have the programming knowledge and/or the time to sit and analyze a potential investment’s technology - often the core driver behind the company’s success. Code Review for Node.js, Python, PHP, & more in 30 seconds.


Code Efficiency


Lines Analyzed


Scalability Factor

Invest Like the Pros,
Alongside the Pros.

Andrea Vossler

GP @ Varia Ventures

As an experienced and active Investor, the TABS solution is a cutting-edge new tool that makes diligencing investment opportunities efficient and affordable.

David Karabinos

Seasoned Angel Investor

The TABS Suite platform is long overdue and extremely valuable to me and my clients in the preparation phase, as well as the diligence phase with Investors.

Jason Kraus

Investor, Prepare4VC

TABS Score has been incredibly valuable for the companies we work with to figure out what valuations they should be seeking, and what areas they can focus on within their business to boost value.

100+ Professionals From the Industry Are Signed Up with TABS

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